Summer Associates Highlights

Dykema's summer associate program offers its participants a variety of challenging assignments. As an example, our summer associates participate in such projects as corporate closings, client conferences, depositions, court hearings, labor arbitrations, trials, real estate syndications, estate planning and pro bono work, all of which offer real-life law practice experience. A sample collection of these assignments is included below. Furthermore, our summer associates are fully integrated into the Firm via practice area and professional development activities. Also, through a variety of social activities held in a casual atmosphere, summer associates become even better acquainted with us, our culture, and the areas in which we practice. These activities, together with substantive practice experience have greatly contributed to the success of Dykema's summer program. 

Sample Summer Associate Assignments

  • Assist client in stock purchase acquisition. Research shareholder rights, advise client on consent issues; draft proxy and ancillary transaction documents; attend client meetings to discuss employee morale and retention strategy.
  • Write research memorandum regarding patent validity searches under the attorney-client privilege and attorney work-product doctrines.
  • Review of commercial acquisition documents and attend closing.
  • Research constitutionality of tribal-state gaming compacts
  • Draft comparison of environmental laws.
  • Memo examining whether new medical procedure involving fitness equipment is experimental or investigational. Involves research at medical and law schools and meeting with representatives of Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
  • Research choice of entity issues addressing the most advantageous means, from both a tax and business perspective, of operating the U.S. tour of a famous European performer.
  • Research and assist in the drafting of a bill to authorize the creation of business improvement districts
  • Prepare responses to office actions of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on pending patent and trademark applications.
  • Attend working group meetings to develop financial structure and transaction logistics of municipal bond issuance.
  • Explain technical documents; evaluate similarities between technical disclosures of client and opponent; assist in searching for misappropriated documents within opponent disclosure; prepare comparison of wrongs performed by opponent and wrongs considered in case law; draft proposed conclusions of law; assist the trial team in other matters as needed
  • Research law regarding use of wiping software prior to formal discovery request or court order requiring preservation of data.
  • Conduct research regarding El Salvador country conditions and assist in preparing asylum application on behalf of 17-year old Salvadorian orphan.
  • Client was convicted of embezzlement 14 years ago and is now applying for the conviction to be set aside. Help client prepare her case and attend expungement hearing.
  • Review the materials, records, reports obtained from the U.S. Department of State to develop a timeline of events and facts and research re: specifics of litigating an international child abuse case under the Hague Convention.