A Team Approach

Teamwork: Designed to Deliver

Dykema lawyers have long been immersed in the businesses and industries of our clients. What’s more—we make it our business to know our clients’ businesses and to fully understand, appreciate and even anticipate our clients’ challenges, goals and objectives.

Our firm is organized by grouping related legal practice areas together, not by geographic location, to provide the highest level of client service to clients across the country. This functional approach ensures that the full array of firm resources, regardless of location, is available to all clients and encourages our lawyers to reach out to one another to provide clients the best and most efficient service the firm has to offer.

Following through on this functional approach, we design client teams that are the best match for a given client’s specific project considering factors such as subject matter, risk level and sensitivity, experience level and specificity, diversity and continuity of representation. Thus designed, our dedicated client teams of lawyers and other professionals work with a single-minded focus on achieving success as defined by the client.

Our client teams filter every decision through the lens of that client's business objectives, its corporate culture and its ambitions to thrive and grow. They also keep abreast of emerging trends that will impact clients' businesses and, as necessary, create issue-specific task forces to address important challenges as or before they arise.

Finally, every Dykema client has a relationship attorney that “quarterbacks” the Dykema team. The relationship attorney keeps his or her finger on the pulse of the firm’s work for the client and is there to ensure the client is completely satisfied at all times and in every respect.