What Our Summer Associates Are Saying

Each year, we ask our summer associates to evaluate our program so that we can continue to strengthen the program and add value for future participants. Selected sections of our end-of-summer survey from our most recent program are included below.

Excerpts From Dykema's 2013 End of Summer Survey 

“Question: What was your worst experience with us this summer? 

Response:  Leaving.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Question: What would you say to a 2L considering a summer at Dykema?

Response: “I would tell them to take it, especially if they are looking to work with enjoyable people that want to see you succeed.”

Response: “TAKE IT!!!!  It will be the best summer EVER!!!!”

* * * * * * * * * *

General Feedback

“…I then asked an associate that I knew if she'd look it over for me. She gave me great advice…” “…The partner sent me an email thanking me for my work and I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to have had attorneys who are so willing to help.”

“I enjoyed all of my assignments but I think that my first court appearance for the expungement hearing was great. It is an opportunity that many summer associates do not have.”

“All of the attorneys that I have met have made it a point to teach me something, and it has been a great experience.”

“My best experience this summer has been meeting the people at Dykema. It has been great, and I've been fortunate to have great fellow summer associates who have been supportive and helpful throughout this program.

“Getting feedback on assignments from attorneys who let you know that you've done a good job has helped me gain confidence in my work and abilities as a future lawyer.”

“All of the people at Dykema, from administrative staff to attorneys, have helped me feel welcome and made it an easy transition.”“I think that the mentor program is great.”

“I expected an uptight environment but Dykema is not that at all. The attorneys do outstanding work and were all very friendly. Everyone looks like they legitimately enjoy Dykema and the people they work with.”