Like our clients around the world, Dykema is committed to a greener environment. From investing in energy-saving technology to using eco-friendly products, our firm is reducing the impact we leave on our planet by conserving our use of non-renewable resources.

Dykema has established a Green Team, comprised of individuals representing all of our offices, to oversee the Firm’s environmentally responsible practices. The following areas are the focus of current sustainability initiatives: 

Waste Reduction

Dykema is dedicated to reducing the amount of waste by reusing or recycling. The use of disposable items such as plastic plates, cups, and cutlery have been reduced or eliminated. We've also reduced the volume of paper consumed as the result of two-sided printing and use of electronic formats rather than hard copies. Office paper is shredded and measured in terms of the number of trees saved per year. Programs have been developed and maintained to recycle plastic, glass, and aluminum containers in all office locations. Printer and copier toner reducing options are encouraged when printing draft or in-house only documents.


Dykema gives first consideration to products and supplies that are refillable, recyclable, or made from post-consumer recycled content. This includes paper products, toner cartridges, and other office supplies. Preference is given to purchasing at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled content paper. Additionally, all of our black and white printer toner cartridges are remanufactured.


Dykema publishes the Green Gazette quarterly to share eco-news and showcase the sustainability efforts of individual offices. Tips from the Green Team are also distributed electronically to encourage environmentally responsible behavior in the office and at home.

Community Involvement

Dykema is working to improve the communities in which we work and live. From planting trees to partnering with county programs, Dykema continues to embrace environmentally responsible ideas, technologies, and actions that can make a positive difference for our planet.