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Nancy Laben, Chief Legal Officer of Booz Allen Hamilton, Speaks on Grit: How Power, Passion and Perseverance Can Work for You

July 15, 2019

Nancy Laben, Chief Legal Officer of Booz Allen Hamilton, spoke on the topic of Grit to a standing room only crowd of in-house corporate counsel and Dykema attorneys at a Fireside Chat luncheon hosted by the Dykema Women's Business Initiative on July 10th at Dykema’s Chicago offices.

Laben told the group that Grit is a combination of “resilience, ambition, and self-control in the pursuit of goals that take months, years or even decades. Grittier individuals tend to work harder and longer than their peers and are more likely to engage in deliberate efforts to improve their performance,“ she said.

She said that those with grit are more likely to stay the course and not be distracted by the immediate or short-term interests—they will stick with their goals and not give up.

Laben concluded that “not surprisingly, Grit is a good predictor of success and that is why it is important.”

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