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Weil and Silverman to Serve as Featured Speakers in IMN’s 10th Annual Bank Special Assets Forum

August 24, 2021

Ed Weil and Mark Silverman will each serve as featured speakers at IMN’s upcoming 10th Annual Midwest “Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer’s Forum.” The Forum is scheduled to take place on September 13-14, 2021.

Weil’s session, “Distressed CRE Market Outlook & The Special Assets Landscape,” will cover:

  • To what degree have you seen real distressed opportunities in the past few months?  Which markets and which asset classes are exhibiting most distress?
  • How has the Biden administration impacted real estate and banking industry regulations? What risks and opportunities do you envisage moving forward due to regulatory change?
  • Which workout remedies are banks employing?
  • When forbearance does not suffice, what are the next steps to achieving a more complex workout?
  • By region and sector, what does the outlook for special assets look like?
  • How is demand changing for C&I vs. real estate vs. agricultural vs. auto and other loans? How have you adjusted your definition of “distressed” in each of these categories?
  • What role does climate risk play in your portfolio management strategy?
  • Which new risks will pose the greatest threats to your balance sheet?

Silverman’s session, “Preparing for the Next Wave of CRE Loan Defaults, Workouts & Turnarounds,” will answer:

  • Which new risks are facing commercial real estate loans and what impact will this have on special servicing?
  • How is the relationship changing between borrowers, lenders and servicers?
  • To what extent have lenders shifted from forbearance, deferment, etc., to enforcement of remedies through foreclosure or loan sale?
  • What creative workout scenarios are borrowers and lenders discussing? What is actually being agreed upon? What happens once the forbearances/seasonality reserves or other reserves run out?
  • How does turnaround and workout activity vary by sector and geography? What do distressed asset owners need to know when considering a workout?
  • What are your predictions for distressed deal flow and default rates? How is this informing your risk management strategy?
  • What impact do federal income tax considerations have on the structure of a workout? How might this change with the new administration?

Weil and Silverman are the Co-Leaders of Dykema’s Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Special Servicer Group.