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Dykema Launches New Health Care Blog

January 30, 2018

Dykema’s Health Care Practice has launched a new blog, “Homeostasis: Dykema’ s Health Care Law Blog,” a resource that analyzes legal developments, discusses industry trends, and offers valuable information for those working in the Health Care Industry.

Dykema has been assisting clients in the health care industry for over 50 years, with extensive experience in services to hospitals and health systems, post-acute care providers (including LTC facilities), dental service organizations, and pharmacies. Dykema attorneys are leaders at the federal and state level in the practice of health care law, and related legal issues for health care businesses and professionals. 

“Our mission is to assist clients in achieving their business objectives, while responding to the changing conditions in the health care industry, ” said Maria Abrahamsen, head of Dykema’s Health Care Practice Group. “Health care providers and their supporting business partners must adapt and innovate in the face of frequent governmental and payor policy changes, scientific advancements, and growing consumer demands.”

Homeostasis will be a valuable resource for professionals to monitor health care updates and consider the potential implications for  their organizations,” said Monica Wilkinson, contributor and editor of Dykema’s new health care blog. “Our health care group is very experienced in a broad range of federal and state legal issues, which makes our authors especially qualified to provide thoughtful insight on industry developments as they occur.”

Homeostasis: Dykema’s Health Care Law Blog can be found at