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The practice of law—especially in a large law firm such as ours—is a privilege that carries profound societal responsibilities. Our nationally recognized pro bono practice upholds Dykema’s highest values and demonstrates the Firm’s commitment to the communities in which we live and work. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we provide equal access to justice for those with unmet legal needs.

In the following pages you see how we apply these ideals in our practice and across the country to produce outstanding results for those who often need but do not receive services.

Pro Bono Matters – February 2019

  • Mom and Daughters Reunited
  • Closing the Justice Gap for Detroit’s Low-Income Tenants
  • Chicago Pro Bono Team Wins Big for Low-Income Family
  • Texas Appleseed Pro Bono Leadership Award
  • Dykema Funds Incoming Associate’s Summer Fellowship at Public Guardian Office
  • Washington, D.C. Attorneys Win Asylum for Salvadoran Client
  • Dykema Wins Civil Rights and First Amendment Case, 10 Years in the Making
  • Dykema Lawyers Stop Frivolous Claim by Abusive Husband Against Domestic Violence Survivor

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Past Newsletters

Pro Bono Matters – October 2017

  • Happiness in a New Home
  • A Kidnapping Across Borders
  • Helping the Nature Conservancy
  • Juvenile Lifer Set Free
  • Achieving Asylum
  • An Animal Rescue
  • Prisoner Rights Case Honor
  • Dykema & Client Partner in Wills for Heroes Event
  • Helping Those Who Help

Pro Bono Matters – October 2016

  • Upholding Justice
  • Michigan Name Change Project
  • A Child’s Advocate
  • Civil Rights Through Pro Bono
  • Tax Assistance for Low Income Families
  • Operation Stand By
  • Battered Immigrant Fleeing Abuser Gets Dykema’s Help
  • A Fresh Start for Neville
  • Saving the Texas Pole Tax to Fund Legal Aid
  • Fighting Fraudulent Transfers for Trafficking Victim

Pro Bono Matters – Issue 4

  • Saving Children
  • Helping Women in Need
  • Supporting Gay Rights
  • Aiding Political Asylum
  • Assisting Nonprofits

Pro Bono Matters – Issue 3

  • U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments Prepared by Dykema Attorneys
  • Death-Row Inmate Has Sentence Vacated Based on Work of Dykema Team
  • Dykema Lawyer Aids Katrina Victim with Appeal to Restore Home
  • Chicago Lawyer Helps Kenyan Businessman Gain Asylum
  • Dykema Co-authors Amicus Brief in Opposition to a Graduate Student’s Refusal to Counsel Gay and Lesbian Students
  • Farmer’s Market Extends Its Season and Services with Help from Dykema 

Pro Bono Matters – Issue 2

  • Dykema Receives National Pro Bono Award
  • Dykema Recognizes Exceptional Pro Bono Lawyers
  • Death Penalty Case Nears Decision
  • Seniors Get Assistance with Legal Needs
  • Go Bono with CARPLS
  • DuPage Children’s Museum Gets New Life
  • Expungement Project Offers Fresh Start
  • Privacy of HIV-Positive Man Protected
  • Dykema Client Gets a Holiday Gift
  • Dykema Creates Fellows Program

Pro Bono Matters – Issue 1

  • Dykema Wins Asylum for Two Refugees
  • Educating the Supreme Court about a Crisis
  • Help for Human Trafficking Victims
  • Securing Justice in an Egregious Child Support Case
  • Latest Success for Dykema/GM Pro Bono Partnership