Summer Associate Projects

As part of the introduction to the Firm and to fully immerse a summer associate in what life will be like as an associate, all summer associates are encouraged to actively participate in our pro bono program. A few examples of projects our summer associates have worked on is highlighted below:

  • Handling Social Security Disability Appeal briefings and assisting with trials
  • Handling criminal expungement matters
  • In Chicago, handling simple divorce and adoption matters
  • Our summer associates have also handled immigration paperwork for women who are seeking relief under the Violence Against Women Act, and on trafficking cases.
  • Six of our summer associates were involved in a project, in conjunction with Legal Aid and Defender Association, researching and preparing seminar materials (as well as actually putting on the seminars in many instances) for a series presented at Michigan Work First and Department of Labor Training sites. The seminars were designed to provide basic relevant legal information of interest to welfare recipients, minimum wage workers and others seeking employment. Topics were:
    • “Debts and More Debts–How to Handle Your Debts”
    • “Drivers’ Licenses–Can I Get My Driver’s License Back?”
    • “Employment Issues–What Can a Potential Employer Legally Ask Me About Child Care, Arrests, Disabilities, etc.?”
    • “Expungements–What Can Be Done About an Arrest or Conviction Record?”
    • “Used Cars–Buying a Used Car”
    • “Student Loans–Can I Get a Loan to Finish School If I Already Owe Money?”
  • A member, associate and summer associate worked on assessing the prospects of filing a class action on behalf of our prospective client and others who were scammed out of retirement money to purchase oil and gas leases.
  • An associate, assisted by a summer associate, drafted an asylum brief to the Board of Immigration Appeals on behalf of a Romanian born individual who was persecuted for his religious beliefs.