2019 Mergers & Acquisitions Outlook Survey



The results of Dykema's Annual Mergers & Acquisitions Outlook Survey are in! This annual survey tracks the marketplace to gauge the direction of the M&A market and economy for the coming year.As with previous installments of the survey, our firm canvassed leading company executives and outside advisors in the M&A space to ask them to share their observations and insights into how the U.S. economy and domestic and global matters will impact the M&A market. Respondents expressed the highest level of optimism for the M&A market in the 15-year history of the firm’s survey.

“Where U.S. M&A activity and the broader economy are headed appears to depend on whom you ask,” said Thomas Vaughn, co-leader of Dykema’s Mergers & Acquisitions practice. “About one-third of our respondents this year feel bullish, bearish or neutral both on the M&A outlook and the broader economy. That’s unusual, but it also means that two-thirds of respondents still believe things will improve or stay the same for M&A activity and for the broader economy.”

“Given all the recession talk in the last few months, the level of pessimism isn’t really very high,” said Stephen Sayre, co-leader of Dykema’s Mergers & Acquisitions practice. “There are clearly concerns about trade tensions with China and U.S. political uncertainty – especially with a presidential election next year – but with consumer confidence still relatively high and the U.S. economy looking fundamentally strong, there’s no sense that the sky is falling.”

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