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Ohioans want to legalize cannabis, but do their lawmakers feel the same?

On November 7th, Ohio voters took to the polls and overwhelmingly voted in favor of a ballot initiative that will make it the 20th state to legalize adult recreational cannabis. Before it goes into…


Tax Increment Financing: the funding tool spurring economic growth across the country

When a vacant, blighted, contaminated, or otherwise challenged property is redeveloped, it becomes more valuable–but where does this funding come from? In many cases, developers initiate a Tax…


What are we going to do with all this empty office space?

More than three years later, the pandemic continues to have a lasting impact on the commercial real estate market. Despite attempts from employers to get their staff back in the office, downtowns…


Why is it so hard to secure financing in today's real estate market?

As interest rates continue to climb, securing financing for new (or existing) real estate projects remains a challenge for buyers across every region—even traditionally high-deal-flow areas. Michael…


Does the cannabis industry need to worry about PFAS chemicals?

You’ve probably heard of PFAS: those harmful “forever chemicals” you can find in non-stick cookware, cleaning products, and even drinking water. As the dangers of PFAS become more evident, regulatory…


How is federal policy shaping the cannabis industry? Two former federal prosecutors discuss.

As the cannabis companies continue to operate under a patchwork of state-level legality, any developments at the federal level will have a significant impact on the industry.


What happens if cannabis moves to a lower-risk drug tier?

A recent recommendation from U.S. health officials could move marijuana from a Schedule I substance to a Schedule III substance before the end of the year. Perhaps the largest impact of this move…


Green logistics: unpacking the cannabis supply chain

Every link in the cannabis supply chain faces unique challenges that can complicate planning and potentially impact margins. From breeders to consumers, there can be critical regulatory challenges and…


A tax breakthrough for growers? Cannabis industry scores big win in new Michigan ruling

In a first-of-its-kind decision, a Michigan-based cannabis business was recognized as an agricultural operation. A potential milestone for the industry, this ruling sheds light on the legal…


High hopes? A status check on cannabis laws in Texas

Since the first city ordinance was passed banning cannabis in El Paso in 1915, the legal landscape of cannabis use in Texas has evolved at a different rate than the rest of the country. Where do…


The Group Dentistry Now Show: The Voice Of The DSO Industry – Episode 132

Dykema attorneys Virgil Ochoa & Sean Buckley join Gary Salman, CEO of Black Talon Security, to discuss dental group practice and DSO cybersecurity in 2023 on Episode 132 of the Group Dentistry Now…


Clearing the haze: air permitting requirements for cannabis operators

Any facility that handles or processes cannabis is subject to a laundry list of requirements before construction can even break ground. Depending on the type and size of the operation, obtaining an…


High stakes: why proper security services are essential to any cannabis operation

Whether you’re a dispensary, grower, or transportation service, practically every business that operates in the cannabis industry needs a sound security strategy to maintain compliance and protect its…


The green divide: unraveling business valuation in cannabis industry breakups

When shareholders part ways, how do they determine the value of their ownership interest? It’s not as simple as adding up assets and contracts. And within the cannabis industry specifically, there are…


Native tribes in the cannabis market: is the reward worth the risk?

The cannabis industry is particularly attractive for Native American tribes, as it shares many of the same characteristics as casino gaming. But although advantages like tax exemptions may appear to…


Cannabis vs. corporate: What’s the difference when it comes to employee benefit plans?

For employers, providing a strong benefits package is key to attracting and retaining top talent. But in the cannabis industry, there’s no clear playbook for what this looks like. Brett Gelbord of…


Ya don't know what ya don't know (Part 2): OSHA compliance as a small business owner

One of the perks of owning a small business (along with the freedom to wear shorts around the office) is that you can operate outside of OSHA standards.  Right? Wrong! (Just the second part—we’re not…


Weed at work? What cannabis companies need to know about employment law

Whether you’re a grow operator, retail location, or anything in between, conflicts between state and federal cannabis laws can create a complex legal landscape for cannabis employers at every level.…


Cannabis real estate: budding with opportunities?

Join us as we sit down with Stephanie Goodman of Bricks + Mortar to discuss the state of the industry and provide tips for operators looking to buy, lease, or sell a facility.


Here's the dirt on navigating the complex world of cannabis tax codes

Join us as we talk to Matthew Abbo and Andrew Dakki of DA Advisory Group on topics ranging from how to navigate Section 280e of the Internal Revenue Code, tips on structuring the ownership of a…