Dykema’s Critical Work Helps Pave the Way for Pano AI’s Success

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In 2020, Sonia Kastner co-founded Pano AI, a leader in early wildfire detection and intelligence that provides governments, utilities, and private landowners with advanced tools and up-to-the-minute intelligence to quickly mitigate wildfire threats while protecting lives, property, and the environment. Sonia entrusted Dykema with the critical legal work needed to build up its commercial operations and successfully negotiate with its largest customers.

The nature of Pano’s customers—often large utilities or government entities—can cause natural incompatibilities when purchasing mission-critical, high-tech products from a relatively young company. Dykema attorneys adeptly navigated through these inherently difficult challenges and brought a sophisticated approach to completing these complex multi-million dollar customer agreements expeditiously. Dykema has helped Pano AI build a multi-million dollar run rate business in a short period of time and has helped negotiate a number of multi-million dollar individual contracts.

In addition, Dykema also played a supporting role in Pano’s Series A fundraising, working closely with Pano’s Silicon Valley-based counsel.

As Co-Founder and CEO, Sonia chose Dykema to handle this crucially valuable work based on her previous working relationships with the firm. Dykema and lead partner Mark Malven have worked with Sonia for more than a decade when she was in previous executive roles in Silicon Valley. She knew well of the value-add that Dykema would bring to Pano AI. In fact, Sonia feels so strongly about the excellent and high value-add service she received from Dykema over the years that the number of referrals she’s sent to the firm is in the double digits.