Evolving Role of Non-Profit Boards: Moving from Reactive to Proactive

Speaking Engagements


Kathleen Reed, Gerald Aben, and Serj Mooradian will all serve as featured presenters at the LeadingAge Michigan 2023 Annual Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Reed, Aben, and Mooradian's session is entitled, "Evolving Role of Non-Profit Boards:  Moving from Reactive to Proactive," which will review a real-life example of the effective use of robots at Clark/BHI Retirement Communities.

Robotics have been used to alleviate staffing and ongoing labor costs in an industry where workforce shortages are impacting service delivery on a daily basis.  Currently used in all main dining venues at Clark, the discussion will center on how the program was implemented and its effectiveness in augmenting and supporting staff.