Using DEI Data To Drive Retention and Client Value

Speaking Engagements

9.22.23 11:35 AM

Ed Empamano will serve as a featured panelist for the presentation, "Using DEI Data To Drive Retention and Client Value." Empamano's co-panelists include Ford Motor Company's Darth Vaughn, Litigation Counsel - Legal Innovation Lead, and BigHand's Rob Stote, Chief Product Officer, Catherine Krow, Managing Director of Diversity and Impact Analytics. 

During the presentation, Empamano and his co-panelists will discuss how firms are achieving their DEIB goals while meeting client demand. This will highlight how:

  • Firms are collaborating effectively on DEIB and how they're measuring success,
  • To leverage data to advance growth in your employees, and
  • Data can be used to promote equity and inclusion in your organization.

The panel will also dive into a real-world study that showcases practices and strategies that can be brought back to organizations.

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