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Stephen Tupper Named Contributor to Huffington Post Technology

Will Write on Tech Law, Privacy Issues, Aviation and Aerospace Tech

December 27, 2013

Stephen L. Tupper, member and leader of Dykema’s Privacy, Data Security and E-Commerce practice, and a prominent attorney in the Firm’s aviation and aerospace transactions practice, has been named a contributor to the Huffington Post Technology vertical. HuffPo (as it’s sometimes called) is a U.S.-based online aggregator and blog that attracts more than 100 million unique visitors each month, leading one British newspaper—The Observer—to call it “the most powerful blog in the world.”

Tupper’s first post—“U.S. Company MacGyvers a New Military Jet”—appears in the December 23, 2013 edition of Huffington Post Technology. In the article, Tupper writes about a new “Swiss Army knife” approach to military aircraft construction, in which the manufacturer (Textron AirLand—a joint venture between Textron, Inc. and AirLand Enterprises, LLC) uses pre-existing components and technologies wherever possible. This approach not only keeps costs down, but—in Tupper’s view--provides unheard-of versatility in the aircraft’s missions and uses.

Tupper notes that while “firepower, speed, range and flexibility” remain at the top of military purchasers’ wish lists, “cost-effectiveness” has become an equally important criteria in new aircraft design.

Tupper believes this revolutionary approach—reminiscent, he says of the late 1980’sTV character, MacGyver (who created improvised technical devices by using ordinary household items)—could be “the shape of things to come” for future military aircraft construction.

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