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Andrew Scott Authors Article Detailing Various Tax Incentives Available to Illinois Manufacturers

When Companies Overlook Available Incentives, Bottom Line Performance Can Be Adversely Affected

May 17, 2013

Andrew P. Scott, Chicago-based member in the Real Estate Practice Group, contributed an article that appears in the Spring 2013 issue of The Illinois Manufacturer, a quarterly publication that provides information and perspectives on the issues and legislation that directly impact manufacturers across the state.

Scott’s article, “Tax incentives for Illinois manufacturers,” examines a variety of tax incentive programs—some of which are entitlements, others discretionary—that are available to manufacturers. Scott notes that while most of these programs and codes are readily available and common, many are overlooked or neglected. As a result, companies miss out on optimizing their bottom line performance in such capital investment realms as new facilities, equipment or facility expansion projects. Scott notes that manufacturers should carefully review and analyze all available tax incentive options before embarking upon any capital investment. He observes that “the state of Illinois and other governmental entities have a number of programs in place to encourage and promote manufacturing and related activities.” Failing to take full advantage of these incentives can adversely affect a company’s bottom line.

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