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Brian Colao Sits Down With Dentist's Money Digest to Discuss Why DSOs Should Consider Specialized Legal Counsel

June 15, 2017

During Dykema's 4th Annual Definitive Conference for Dental Service Organizations, Brian Colao, Dallas-based member and Director of the firm's Dental Service Organizations Industry Group, sat down with Dentist's Money Digest to discuss the importance of hiring attorneys familiar with dental regulations. 

In the interview, Colao points out that the skills of general health care lawyers may not necessarily translate to the dental regulatory field because of dentistry's very unique set of regulations. As an example, he mentions that on a state-by-state basis, it’s not uncommon for something to be allowed for a physician, but not a dentist. As a result, if there is a lack of subject matter expertise, there may be a big learning curve and work may not be executed as efficiently as possible.

The full interview can be seen here.