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Dental Profession Faces New Era of Consolidation, Says Brian Colao in Dentist Money Show Interview

April 18, 2018

Brian A. Colao, Dallas-based member and Director of the firm's Dental Service Organizations (DSO) Industry Group, was recognized as the foremost expert in the field and invited by to explore the nature of DSOs in its Dentist Money Show interview.

During the 40-minute podcast, Colao explains that DSOs are management companies who handle the non-medical activities of dental clinics and that their increasing popularity among dentists is due to resultant economies of scale and increased profits for multi-office practices. Colao covers a wide range of topics such as reaching the decision to enter into a DSO contract, the impact of the new tax code, the different classes of management companies, and helpfully defines accounting terms such as “EBITDA,” “earn-out,” “holdback,” and “rollover.” For practitioners who wish to learn more, he concludes with a reminder of the upcoming Dykema DSO Conference in July.

To hear the full podcast, click here.