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Dykema Attorneys Quoted Extensively in Media Coverage of High-Profile Pro Bono Matter

July 18, 2016

Southeast Michigan-based litigators Heidi Naasko, Dykema's National Pro Bono and Diversity Counsel, and Samuel Damren were both quoted extensively throughout media coverage surrounding a high-profile pro bono case the firm was involved in regarding the overturned sentences and murder convictions of Davontae Sanford, who was found to be innocent after spending nearly a decade in prison for crimes he did not commit.

Both Naasko and Damren expressed joy for Davontae and his family as well as gratitude for the Court’s decision, the work of the Michigan State Police for conducting an internal investigation regarding the matter, and Kym Worthy and the entire Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for their actions. They also each gave a great deal of credit to others on the defense team, including the Michigan Innocence Clinic, the Northwester Center on the Wrongful Convictions of Youth, especially David Moran and Megan Crane, and Valerie Newman of the State Appellate Defender’s Office.

Naasko and Damren’s quotes were seen or heard on National Network News, Cable News Networks, USA Today, The New York Times, The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, The Daily Telegraph (Australia) and several other outlets.