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Jim Feeney Prominently Featured in Netflix’s Trial by Media

May 15, 2020

Jim Feeney, Bloomfield Hills-based Member in Dykema’s Litigation Department, was prominently featured in the premiere episode of the Netflix series Trial by Media, a true-crime docuseries examining some of the most dramatic trials of all time. The first episode of the series focuses on the notorious Jenny Jones case in which Feeney successfully defends The Jenny Jones Show and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

At the time of the trial, the case played out in front of the entire nation due to media coverage stemming from the overwhelming popularity of daytime talk shows, high-profile legal counsel and the emergence of Court TV and cable news. In an in-depth interview filmed at Dykema’s Bloomfield Hills office, Feeney reflects on the case and media attention that accompanied. The episode also showcases clips from the courtroom highlighting several key moments of the jury trial. Ultimately, the case progressed to the Michigan Court of Appeals, where judgment was entered for the defendant.

Netflix launched Trial by Media on May 11. During its opening week, the series was one of the five most-watched shows on Netflix. The premiere episode of Trial by Media has garnered quite a bit of media coverage itself, including The Cinemaholic article “Where are Geoffrey Fieger and James Feeney Today?” and an IndieWire interview with the series’ Director Tony Yacenda in which Yacenda compliments Feeney’s interview for the episode.