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Gilezan Authors Article on New Vented Groundwater Requirements in Michigan

Amended Law Hopes to Stimulate Remediation, Speed Up Property Redevelopment

August 2, 2012

Grant Gilezan, who leads Dykema’s Environmental Law Practice Group, recently wrote an article, “The Advent of Vented Groundwater Requirements in Michigan,” that discusses a newly enacted amendment (Act 190) to the section of the state’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act that deals with venting groundwater. The intent of this amendment—which was fast-tracked both in development and passage—is to ease the burden for those attempting to comply with environmental regulations, and to speed the process of converting industrial sites to functional infrastructure for business redevelopment.  

Among Act 190’s key benefits: it adds four new remedial options for venting groundwater, all of which comply with environmental criteria; it liberalizes the number of ways by which the pathway between groundwater and surface water can be determined; and it suggests several new monitoring-based limits, based on demonstrations, that enable the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to advise involved parties that further remediation efforts aren’t required.

Gilezan observes that enactment of this amendment is welcome news, particularly for those looking to transform Michigan’s large inventory of former industrial sites into usable property for redevelopment and new use.

To read the article in its entirety click here.