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Gilezan, Toby Comment on Supply-Chain Disruption in Resins Industry

June 15, 2012

In an interview published in Supply Chain Brain, an online news resource focusing on supply chain issues, Grant Gilezan, who leads Dykema’s Environmental Practice Group, and Sheryl Toby, co-leader of the Firm’s Bankruptcy practice, discussed the global ramifications—particularly for automakers—of a March 31 explosion in a German manufacturing facility responsible for roughly half of the world’s supply of a resin used to make plastics.

To underscore the importance of resins to automobile production, Gilezan observed that in the 1960’s, plastics represented just two percent of a vehicle, while today they comprise between 18 and 20 percent of a vehicle. Toby added that, while this factory explosion wasn’t on the scale of last year’s earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, it called into play the same kind of crisis management skills that the auto industry seems to have developed more successfully than other industries.

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