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Richard Goetz Extensively Quoted in Automotive World

July 8, 2015

Richard G. Goetz, Detroit-based senior counsel and leader of Dykema’s International Practice Group, was extensively quoted in the Automotive World article “Mitigating future damage the CSR way.”

In the article, Goetz highlights the four elements of sustainability of Sweden’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) code: anti-corruption, human rights, labor rights and the environment. He also states that when a CSR actually becomes a part of a company’s culture, it provides assurance to employees, investors, customers, governments and communities that the company will do more than just abide by the law—it will be a good citizen.

Goetz also points out that in exchange, companies hope to obtain a degree of protection or support from its stakeholders and the public in the event something happens that appears to violate the CSR, such as a bribe, an environmental spill or a violation of a child labor laws—thus potentially mitigating the damage to a company’s image, as well as legal penalties. He goes on to highlight the importance of strong relationship when it comes to responding to possible accusations in the future.

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