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Meg Hunter Discusses Executive Compensation Trends in the Auto Industry

April 10, 2012

As the economy improves, companies within the auto sector continue to think differently about executive compensation. Recently, Meg Hunter, who leads Dykema's Employee Benefit practice, talked with Aleks Miziolek, Director of Dykema's Automotive Industry Group, about how compensation models are evolving to include time-based and performance-based rewards. In this three-minute video, Meg also explains why investors and shareholder activist groups are looking closer than ever at the Compensation Discussion and Analysis sections of proxy statements.

To view the video, click here. You'll be directed to the Autobeat Insider website, where you'll find many more examples of Dykema-created content focusing on issues that matter most to the auto industry.

To learn more about Dykema's Automotive Industry Group, please contact its Director, Aleks Miziolek, at 313-568-6762.