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Jonathan Feld Quoted in Compliance Week

Article Discusses Evolution of Internal Audits into Risk Management Tool

April 2, 2013

Jonathan Feld—a member in the Firm’s Litigation Department, resident in Chicago, whose practice focuses on business litigation, especially white-collar criminal defense and internal investigations—is quoted in an article in the current issue of Compliance Week.

The article, “Internal Audit Departments Continue Push Into Risk Management,” describes new requirements by the Federal Reserve and Nasdaq that call for intensified internal audit activities by public companies. The Fed’s policy addresses the internal audit function at financial institutions with more than $10 billion in assets; the Nasdaq proposal requires all of its listed companies have an established internal audit function by year-end 2013.

In the article, Feld notes that these new requirements compel a firm’s senior-most management to become more actively involved in such reporting structures. “They need to have the ability to go to these people and address them when the need arises,” he says. “What had been something of a staid profession is becoming a more proactive profession.”

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