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Kratovil Quoted in Texas Lawyer Article—What “Conservative” Means in State Judiciary

June 5, 2012

Dykema’s Chris Kratovil was quoted in the article “Ad Provides Opportunity to Reflect on Meaning of ‘Conservative,’” which appeared in Texas Lawyer’s June 4 issue. Inspired by the re-election campaign of Texas Supreme Court Justice, Don Willett, the article canvasses both lawyers and jurists across the state as to what “conservative” really means.

Kratovil, observes that, “virtually every justice or appeals court justice in Texas claims to be conservative.” He further defined “conservative” as it relates to judicial matters, noting that it indicates: "A limited role for the courts; judicial modesty; skepticism of aggressive, broad-reaching interpretation of statutes; a dedication to plain statutory language; some degree of skepticism of large trial court awards; and a general receptiveness to business interests."

While the article cites several viewpoints, all seem to settle on the fact that the courts are not venues for policy making, but instead for adherence to, and interpretation of, the law.