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Christopher Kratovil Quoted in Westlaw Journal Computer & Internet

June 19, 2015

Christopher D. Kratovil, Dallas-based member in Dykema’s Litigation practice group, was quoted in the Westlaw Journal Computer & Internet article, “In Facebook threat case, Supreme Court says intent required,” which discusses the 8-1 opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court in Elonis v. United States overturning a Pennsylvania man’s conviction for posting threatening rap lyrics on Facebook.

In the article, Kratovil points out that as  result of the decision, nobody will go to jail for an ill-advised social media post, provided that the allegedly criminal speech resulted from negligence or stupidity rather than from intent to threaten. He also illustrates that the decision is a narrow win for free speech advocates because it adds a hoop for prosecutors to jump through in making their case because the defendant speaker’s state of mind and intent matter.

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