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Kurtzon and Peven Quoted in Real Estate BISNOW

June 30, 2011

Real estate lawyers Mike Kurtzon and Jerry Peven were featured in Real Estate BISNOW, offering commentary on the changing real estate market. Kurtzon and Peven told the publication that banks are finally trying to get bad debt off their books. Said Kurtzon, "Cities like Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami that were hit particularly hard by condo overbuilding are now getting back on track as lenders seek to dispose of these assets and want to lend again." Peven provided insight into the special servicers market saying "that with multifamily housing as a hot commodity right now, many life companies, banks and equity funds want to get their money into a performing asset." While there are positive signs, both Kurtzon and Peven say it's too soon to tell how long or stable the recovery will be. 

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