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Heidi Naasko Authors Article for Law360

March 3, 2016

Heidi Naasko, Ann Arbor-based litigator and Dykema's National Pro Bono and Diversity Counsel, authored the article, “High Court's Montgomery Ruling Fuels Demand For Pro Bono,” for Law360.

In the article, Naasko first discusses United States Supreme Court ruling from Miller v. Alabama in 2012, which held that sentencing juveniles to mandatory life without the possibility of parole violated the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against disproportionate sentencing schemes. She them covers the United States Supreme Court ruling from Montgomery v. Louisiana, which ruled that all juvenile lifers sentenced under mandatory schemes prior to Miller must have their sentences modified.

Naasko goes on to highlight the more than 1,000 juvenile lifers sentenced prior to Miller re-enter an already strained criminal justice system, thereby increasing demand for pro bono services.

Law360 subscribers can read the entire article here.