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Dykema's Page and Vaughn Quoted in "Confidence and Capital Drive Surging M&A Market"

February 7, 2012

Dykema lawyers, Brian Page and Tom Vaughn were quoted in’s article, "Confidence and Capital Drive Surging M&A Market," which examines the factors contributing to growth in the M&A market. Five key areas are highlighted as those that will drive M&A activity to higher levels in 2012.

The article features Brian Page’s comments on some of the changes in confidence in the M&A market since Dykema announced the results of its 2011 M&A Outlook Survey. “Even since our survey, it seems as if the business community’s optimism has done nothing but grow,” said Page. He went on to state, “I’m seeing a lot more positive and optimistic stories from companies and CEOs, especially in the manufacturing area.”

Going on to highlight cash, capital gains and aging owners as three of the other factors impacting M&A growth, the piece concludes by featuring valuations as the fifth factor.

Tom Vaughn predicts that in 2012 the market will see fewer distressed deals. However, he goes on to remind that there are “survivors,” hard-hit in the downturn, who will be looking for a way out. Said Vaughn, "...there are people who would have been happy to sell over the past few years, but couldn’t because of pricing and financial conditions.”