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Sherrie Farrell Quoted in's Coverage of Dodd-Frank Financial Reform

Sources of Misery: A controversial new rule requires companies to peer deep into their supply chains to see if they are unwittingly supporting violence in Africa

July 15, 2011

Dykema attorney, Sherrie Farrell was quoted in’s July 15, 2011 article addressing the impact of Dodd-Frank financial reform over the supply chains of publicly traded companies. The law requires publicly traded companies to search their supply chains for minerals mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding areas. Manufacturers of products containing tin tantalum, tungsten and gold, will be subject to the rule. These materials appear in everyday products such as smart phones and laptops. Some small suppliers, however, may be challenged to comply. Said Farrell about the impact of the rule over small suppliers, “As you go down your tiers of suppliers, you’re going to get very small companies that have not heard about the rule.”