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Associations Hold Presidents' Reception June

June 20, 2011
Detroit Legal News

"Associations hold Presidents' Reception June 23" Attorney T.L. Summerville was heavily quoted in the Detroit Legal News on June 20, 2011. Summerville will become president of the Wolverine Bar Association and Wolverine Bar Foundation (WBA/WBF) on June 23, 2011 at the organizations’ annual Presidents' Reception. Said Summerville about his appointment, “I’m looking forward to a year of growth and working to make the Association better tomorrow than it is today.” At the June 23 event, outgoing presidents of the WBA/WBF and Association of Black Judges of Michigan (ABJM) will be honored for their respective contributions to the organizations. Unique because it brings together the two organizations, Summerville said the Presidents' Reception, “…not only cements the strong relationship between the two, but it also underscores the importance both play to the Detroit legal community.”  

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