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Sheryl Toby Quoted Extensively in Automotive World Article on Supply Chain Disruptions

July 28, 2016

Sheryl Toby, Bloomfield Hills-based member of Dykema's Bankruptcy Practice Group, was quoted in the Automotive World article, “Vigilance required to mitigate supply chain disruptions.”

In the article Toby points out that the single source just-in-time supply system has a lot of benefits and creates more integrity for the supply chain, but also comes with some risks. She also stated that the industry sees fewer incidents overall today than it was previously when there were many more small suppliers and went on to discuss the handful of possible outcomes when a supplier files for bankruptcy.

Toby also advised manufacturers to get to know their suppliers as much as possible, provided some guidance regarding the drafting of contracts, and stressed the importance of being vigilant in monitoring supply chain issues.

Automotive World subscribers can read the entire article here.