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Ed Weil and Mark Silverman Will Serve as Moderators During IMN’s Midwest Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer’s Forum in Chicago

August 30, 2018

Ed Weil and Mark Silverman, Chicago-based attorneys in Dykema’s Financial Industry Group, will both serve as featured moderators at the Information Management Network’s (IMN) 8th Annual Midwest Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer’s Forum. The conference takes place Sept. 6-7, 2018, at the JW Marriott in Chicago. Dykema is also sponsoring the conference.

The conference, which brings together local, regional and international banks, as well as a wide array of sector specialists, serves as a forum where Special Assets, SBA, Credit, Loan Review, Risk Management, Special Servicers & C-level executives can meet to discuss the latest credit and workout issues.

Weil will moderate the session, “Buyers Panel: Looking for Deals,” which will address the following questions:

  • What is deal flow like right now? Have you seen an uptick? Do you anticipate one to continue in 2018? What is the long-term pipeline like? What sectors are creating the most opportunity?
  • Which type of banks are providing the most deals? Are regional and smaller banks a good source of flow? What sort of hoops do you need to jump through?
  • What kind of assets are you currently buying and why? What assets are you avoiding and why? What assets are you warming up to? How are you sourcing deals? What factors do you consider before making a final decision? What is the best deal you’ve bought into lately? What situation didn’t go as planned? Negotiation tips and suggestions: how to make things go smoothly and what to do when they don’t!
  • If bank’s fail to provide a steady stream of deals—will non-bank lenders fill the void? What are the dynamics at play in that scenario?

Silverman will moderate the session, “Legal Matters: Litigation, Settlements & Other Fun Stuff,” which will touch on:

  • Understanding the costs and time associated with litigation. How much is this going to cost? How long is this going to take? How do I prepare for this?
  • Do I even need to litigate? Exploring non-litigious alternatives.
  • When might litigation be necessary? What are the best and worst possible outcomes? How do you evaluate your potential litigator? How do you devise a strategy?
  • When to settle and how to save face!
  • Stories from the field...

For more information or to register for this conference, click here.