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Deborah Williamson Quoted in Wall Street Journal Story on Oil Companies Targeting Excess Debt

March 8, 2017

Deborah D. Williamson, San Antonio-based member in Dykema’s Bankruptcy Practice Group and an American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) commissioner, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal story, “Oil Companies Target Excess Debt.”

Among other things, the article discusses how companies in the Oil industry that stayed solvent during the recent price slump are suddenly competing against peers that slashed debt in renegotiated contracts and are now seizing on the recent uptick to bring their debt ratios closer in line with their restructured competitors. Williamson, who authored the ABI book When Gushers Go Dry: The Essentials of Oil & Gas Bankruptcy, points out that this activity signifies people trying to do outside of bankruptcy what had been done in bankruptcy.

Wall Street Journal subscribers can read the entire article here.