2723 South State Street
Suite 400
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
T: 734-214-7660
F: 800-957-6740

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Established in 1971, Dykema's Ann Arbor office is home to lawyers in our litigation, employment, tax, health care and corporate areas. We serve a large number of municipalities, educational institutions and media organizations, as well as computer, robotics and other high-tech enterprises headquartered in this city.

Dykema Guest Entry Screening Questionnaire
In order to create the safest work ‎‎environment possible, we’d like to ask you questions in advance of your visit to a Dykema office. Please note you will be asked to complete the ‎questionnaire for each day that you visit Dykema. Please understand that we will be unable to accommodate your visit to our office if you do not provide confirmation of your health status. Please bring a copy of your health screening email confirmation with you on the day of your visit.

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