Dykema Nationwide Property Tax Assessment Appeal Service

Assists Those Who Own or Lease Industrial or Commercial Real Property or Industrial Personal Property

April 22, 2013

Dykema provides advice and counsel to clients who own or lease industrial or commercial real and personal property on property tax matters. This service, delivered through the Firm’s Property Tax Practice Group, is a nationwide offering and includes consulting on property tax issues as well as prosecution of appeals.

While our Property Tax practice is most highly developed in Michigan and Illinois, we represent clients in Indiana, Ohio, California and Texas. Dykema’s network of 12 strategically located offices across the country enables us to address property tax issues—in both state and local jurisdictions—all across the country. One example of our collaborative efforts is recently we were called upon to take over a pending tax appeal case from a national consulting firm involving our client's industrial facility located in Madera County, California. Members of our team from both Detroit and Los Angeles offices, working in close partnership, are handling this matter to the overwhelming satisfaction of the client.

We provide this legal service either on a contingent fee arrangement, as explained below, or based on a competitive hourly rate.

To clients who own or lease industrial or commercial real property and industrial personal property, Dykema offers the service of appealing property tax assessments without charging on an hourly basis. We do so by taking on property tax assessment appeal cases on a contingent fee arrangement based on the net tax savings for the tax years under appeal. “Net tax savings” is defined as the sum of the tax reduction or refunds realized plus interest and penalties accrued thereon or attributable thereto, less any expenses incurred in connection with the appeal. The only items to be billed during the pendency of the case are out-of-pocket expenses for such items as filing fees, copying charges and mileage, the amount of which is subtracted to determine the net tax savings.

By offering these legal services on a contingent fee basis, we can help our clients increase their net income by reducing overhead without affecting their cash flow. If our efforts fail to produce a reduction or a refund of taxes, we do not receive a fee.

Before accepting a case, we will review the matter at no charge. If we determine the case is meritorious for an appeal under our criteria, we will send a retainer letter outlining the terms of our engagement under a contingency basis.

To get started, the following information is all that we require to conduct our review:

  • A brief description of the property in question (including the square footage);
  • A description of the property’s present use
  • Copies of:
    • Current year tax assessment notice
    • Current year personal property statements (for personal property appeals)
    • Previous two years tax bills
    • Any appraisal reports or other documentation that indicates the value of the property

Our competency and credentials in tax appeal work are well-known. Our success in obtaining tax refunds and reductions—and in delivering value to our clients—is demonstrable.

To get started, or to learn more about our property tax assessment appeal service, please contact Dykema’s Property Tax Appeals practice group leader, Carl Rashid, Jr. at 313-568-5422, or any of the Property Tax Appeal Practice Group attorneys listed on our website, or your Dykema relationship lawyer.  

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