Retail Landlords and Tenants Respond to Increased Popularity of Ridesharing

April 21, 2016

Mall properties have taken notice as more and more customers continue to utilize ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft. As a result, retail landlords and tenants have begun the process of altering their properties to accommodate this disruptive change to the retail sector.

A recent Law360 article, “4 Ways Malls Are Reacting To The Ride-Hailing Economy,” discusses the ways in which malls are considering changing their properties, including:

  • Redesigning parking lots to create drop-off and pickup points for passengers;
  • Lobbying municipalities to lower minimum parking zoning requirements;
  • Partnerships with ridesharing companies to offer free rides to shoppers; and
  • Offering customers the opportunity to place orders online and pick purchases up at a designated delivery center to avoid congestion at mall properties.

Jason Grinnell, Los Angeles-based senior counsel in Dykema’s Real Estate Practice group, was quoted extensively throughout the article. For more information about this trend, please contact Mr. Grinnell at 213-457-1761 or, or your Dykema relationship attorney.

Subscribers to Law360 can read the entire article here.

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