Seminar: The Transition to Mobile Wallet Payments -- Are You Ready?

February 15, 2013

Your Dad’s Wallet – Your Customer’s Wallet:
Do you know the difference?

A customer steps up to the point-of-sale, pulls out their smart phone, and says “Can I pay and use my loyalty card with this?” Can your company handle the payment, or do you lose the sale?

Your customer receives monthly bills and calls customer service and says “Can I pay you through my bank’s picture pay function?” Are you ready to accept that payment?

A fundamental shift is underway, as game-changing as checks and credit cards were in the past, in how people shop, redeem coupons, pay for products, and accrue loyalty/reward points. Many established and start-up companies want to sell you the holy grail of commerce – payment/loyalty and rewards/gift card acceptance, all rolled into one, with targeted and location-based advertising, and rich back-end analytics and reporting – all for a low, low price.

Make sure that your business is ready to navigate this shift to be flexible for your customer’s preferences, to make sure payments to your company remain fast, safe and secure, and to take advantage new advertising channel opportunities.

Topics covered will include:

* Mobile payments/mobile wallets and what it means for the future of getting paid
* Adding on virtual loyalty/rewards and gift cards to existing programs
* Benefits and pitfalls of the mobile advertising channel (and watch the privacy issues)
* Choosing a mobile payment vendor or mobile channel partner

Friday, February 15, 2013
11:30 AM: Registration/Lunch
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Program, featuring Shareholder Erin F. Fonté (@PaymentsLawyer)

Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated
One Congress Plaza
111 Congress Avenue, Suite 1800
Austin, Texas 78701

Lunch will be provided | Complimentary parking

Who should attend this event?

* Business people in operations, accounts receivable and marketing
* Retailers with in-person, e-commerce or m-commerce sales
* Utilities, telecoms, cable/satellite companies and others with monthly billing
* In-house counsel who support these functions
* Banks looking to add functionality to mobile banking apps

Please RSVP to or 210.554.5375.

About the Speaker

Erin Fonté is a Shareholder and payments lawyer with Cox Smith. Her legal practice includes advising financial institutions, alternative payments providers, mobile payments providers, vendors and retailers regarding financial services, regulatory and payment systems laws, including mobile, stored value, and emerging payments methods, systems and legal issues. She is also head of the firm's Privacy and Data Security Practice. As part of the firm’s highly regarded financial institutions team, Erin represents national banks, state banks and bank holding companies and their officers, directors and shareholders in corporate, securities and regulatory matters, as well as providing operational lending, compliance and litigation services. Erin has experience with a broad range of matters related to banking and financial services, e-commerce, technology/Internet products, privacy and data protection laws, and general corporate matters. You can follow her on Twitter: @PaymentsLawyer.