Recent Legal Issues and Developments in Oil and Gas Restructuring: What Companies Need to Know?

February 9, 2017

The sudden oil and gas price declines which hit rock bottom by mid-2014 continues to create problems in the oil and gas industry today. Most of the Upstream Exploration and Production (E&P) companies were severely distressed following the recent down grades and debt redeterminations in the industry. In addition, Standard and Poor’s (S&P) Ratings Services, the world’s leading index provider, junked 25 oil and gas companies in early February, which also reaffirmed the existing junk status of several other companies.

With the issues brought by these rapid declines, E&P companies have started to map out and rely on restructuring strategies to remedy the situation. Fortunately, the efforts have reaped positive effects with more than $11 billion in transactions as of last July, the highest so far this year.

In this two-hour LIVE Webcast, a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders will help oil and gas companies understand the important aspects of this significant topic. They will provide an in-depth discussion of the recent developments and updates on oil and gas companies’ restructuring strategies. Speakers will also offer best practices in developing and implementing other strategies to accelerate and stabilize the industry’s position in the market.

Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are:

    • Review of the decline map from 2014 to 2016
    • Reserve-Based Revolving Loan (RBL) for oil and gas companies
    • Oil and gas M&A
    • The latest restructuring strategies taken
    • Recent developments on the restructuring strategies
    • Other strategies oil and gas companies may utilize

Thursday, February 9, 2017
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

Deborah D. Williamson, Member, Dykema Cox Smith