Before Self-Driving Cars: Four Tech Challenges the Auto Industry Faces Today

January 16, 2015

Two of the largest industry trade shows in the United States, the Consumer Electronics Show and the Detroit Auto Show, kick off 2015 with conversations around how technology and the automotive industry are increasingly intertwined. One of the trending topics emerging from these trade shows is self-driving cars. The autonomous vehicle may be years away from being commercially available, but the connected car is upon us, driving more near-term investment, innovation and business partnerships.

In its article, “Before Self-Driving Cars: Four Tech Challenges the Auto Industry Faces Today,” Dykema’s Automotive Industry Group briefly examines four of the main challenges on the path to creating value as software platforms merge with vehicles. Some of the challenges covered in the article include the marriage of cultures between Silicon Valley and Detroit, the long lead time of vehicle production and average length of ownership versus rapidly changing technology, and what companies need to do in order to keep data private and secure in connected vehicles.

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