Dykema Enhances Service With Casetext’s CoCounsel, the Revolutionary AI Legal Assistant Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4

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Dykema, a leading national law firm, today announced that it is an early adopter of CoCounsel, an AI legal assistant developed by Casetext and powered by OpenAI’s latest and most advanced language model, GPT-4. By utilizing CoCounsel’s advanced, purpose-built AI technologies, Dykema can augment the quality and timeliness of services to clients, all while keeping data secure.

This first-of-its-kind technology was developed by Casetext to allow lawyers to “reliably delegate substantive, complex work to an AI assistant—just as they would to a legal professional—and trust the results.” CoCounsel provides increased reliability and security to meet the needs of specialized, complex, and confidential legal matters.

“We strive to be innovative, trusted advisors to our clients, and CoCounsel will help us deliver on that objective,” said Len Wolfe, Dykema’s Chair and CEO.

CoCounsel gives Dykema attorneys the ability to efficiently perform substantive tasks such as reviewing millions of documents, conducting legal research, searching entire databases, preparing depositions, analyzing contracts compliance, summarizing complex documents, and extracting contract data.

Before launching CoCounsel, Casetext enabled a dedicated team of experienced litigation and transactional attorneys to collaborate with AI engineers to test every legal skill on the platform thousands of times, spending nearly 4,000 hours training and fine-tuning output based on more than 30,000 legal queries.

“At Dykema, we place heavy emphasis on implementing technology that enables us to deliver exceptional results and service to our clients. CoCounsel can empower our attorneys to do exactly that with speed and precision,” said Ed Empamano, Dykema’s Chief Information Officer.

Myka Hopgood, Dykema’s Senior Director, Strategic Legal Innovation, played a key role in onboarding and deploying CoCounsel to the firm. Hopgood stated “In reviewing CoCounsel we found that it provides efficiency gains that are applicable in several of our practice areas. The tool allows our attorneys to explore new options to meet our clients’ needs while providing the security and guard rails they expect.”

For more information about Dykema’s service to clients, visit the firm’s About Us page.

About Casetext

Casetext has led innovation in legal AI since 2013, applying cutting-edge AI to the law to create solutions that enable attorneys to provide higher-quality representation to more clients, enhance efficiency and accuracy, and gain a competitive advantage. Their leadership and contributions in legal AI have been recognized worldwide, including receipt of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer award for the development of AI-powered brief analysis tool CARA AI. Today, over 10,000 law firms—from solos and small practices to more than 40 Am Law 200 firms—rely on Casetext to elevate the quality of their law practice.