National Media Turn to Mark Chutkow for Legal Insights Surrounding Trump Indictment

Press Mentions


As a former federal prosecutor who has experience with trials involving politics, Mark Chutkow served as a valuable resource to national and regional media outlets in the lead-up to and after the indictment of former U.S. President Donald Trump. 

In his commentary to media outlets, Chutkow emphasized that he expects the criminal case will come down to jury selection. He also expounded upon the potential legal strategy by both prosecutors and the defense team, including that prosecutors might play the audio recording of a call as part of their opening statement and closing argument and also use it to strengthen Cohen's credibility as a witness and back up his testimony at trial. Chutkow also stated that attorney-client privilege issues should not keep prosecutors from playing the recording in court as Cohen and Trump were allegedly acting as co-conspirators.

The following is a listing of the media outlets and the corresponding stories in which commentary from Chutkow is featured.

  1. Law360 (March 30, 2023) - "The Legal Questions That May Decide People V. Donald Trump"
  2. WXYZ Detroit (April 2, 2023) - "Former federal prosecutor breaks down Trump's upcoming arraignment and what could happen"
  3. CBS Radio in Los Angeles (April 3, 2023) - Live on-air interview
  4. Yahoo! News (April 3,  2023) - "Former President Trump to be arraigned in New York Tuesday"
  5. WXYZ Detroit (April 3, 2023) - "Former President Donald Trump to be arraigned in New York Tuesday"
  6. Law360 (April 4, 2023) - "Trump Trial May Have To Deal With 'Stealth Jurors'"
  7. Detroit Free Press (April 5, 2023) - "Michigan experts: Case going to be a '3-ring circus'"
  8. The Detroit News (April 5, 2023) - "Legal experts assess historic indictment of Trump. It has 'powerful pieces'"
  9. Law360 (April 5, 2023) - "NY Election, Tax Laws A Hedge For DA In Trump Case"
  10. WJR Detroit (April 5, 2023) - "The Guy Gordon Show"
  11. Law360 (April 5, 2023) - "Bragg Says He Caught Trump On Tape. Will A Jury Hear It?"
  12. Detroit Free Press (April 7, 2023) - "Your week in metro Detroit: A deeper look at Trump's arraignment"