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Dykema 2013 Mergers & Acquisitions Outlook Survey Cited in Barron’s Article

Survey Findings Continue to Elicit Extensive Media Coverage

November 22, 2013

The November 21, 2013 issue of Barron’s includes an article—“Merger Mania May Soon Be on the Way”—that references a key finding from Dykema’s recently-released 2013 Mergers & Acquisitions Outlook Survey. The article suggests that companies’ increasing cash reserves coupled with slowing earnings growth for S&P 500 firms has created an environment that’s ripe for increased activity on the mergers and acquisitions front.

To support this observation, Barron’s notes:

In a recent survey by Dykema, a law firm, 68 percent of company executives said the merger and acquisitions market will strengthen over the next year; just 37 percent said so in last year's survey. 

This finding—one of many elicited in this year’s edition of Dykema’s M&A Outlook Survey (the Firm’s ninth annual canvass of senior executives in the mergers and acquisitions arena)—is reinforced by a Société Generale study that indicates the “sixth great M&A wave of the past century is forming.”

From the moment key findings from this year’s Dykema M&A Outlook Survey were first made public (October 31, 2013), the survey has garnered substantial media coverage. In addition to this Barron’s article, survey results have been referenced in such respected media outlets as American Banker, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Detroit Legal News, International Business Times and the DealLawyer blog.

To download a copy of the 2013 Mergers & Acquisitions Outlook Survey, click here.