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Jeffrey Dalebroux Quoted in Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Offers Perspective on Trend in Which Businesses are Increasingly Choosing “Middle-Market” Law Firms Over Top 50 Law Firms

October 28, 2013

Jeffrey M. Dalebroux, Chicago-based Director of Dykema’s Business Services Department, was extensively quoted in an article—“Why Company Lawyers are Sending More Work to Smaller Law Firms”—that appeared in the October 22 edition of the Wall Street Journal Law Blog. The WSJ Law Blog covers the latest news, emerging trends and important developments in the legal industry worldwide.

In the article, Dalebroux observed that Dykema has had success luring sophisticated clients and important engagements away from other—and in many instances, larger—corporate law firms by having developed its private equity practice and building upon specialized skills serving the automotive, financial services and energy industries.

Dalebroux also cited the Firm’s willingness to propose alternative fee arrangements, which an increasing number of client prospects seek. “Firms like ours are more flexible in terms of alternative fees, and more willing to move away from our standard rack rate,” Dalebroux offered.

Dalebroux noted, however, that while this strategic approach may not cut dramatically into business held by the “biggest of the big” law firms (“Losing work to firms like us doesn’t really worry them, because it’s not in their sweet spot.”), it does help distinguish Dykema from other similarly-sized law firms (201-500 lawyers). He added that corporate law departments are increasingly looking past the top 50 U.S. law firms to confer important assignments upon “middle-market” firms such as Dykema.