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Elizabeth Khalil to Serve as Co-Chair for the ACI Forum on Cyber Security & Data Privacy and Protection

June 1, 2016

Elizabeth Khalil, Chicago-based member in Dykema’s Government Policy Practice Group, will serve as co-chair and featured speaker at the American Conference Institute’s 19th Advanced Global Legal & Compliance Forum on Cyber Security & Data Privacy and Protection, which takes place June 23-24 in Chicago.

Khalil will moderate the panel, “Adapting to Changing Regulatory, Legislative, and Enforcement Activities and Some Practical Pointers on Ways to Help American Businesses Remain Compliant,” which will cover topics on both a federal and state level, including current enforcement trends, existing and prospective Congressional action, cyber security legislation and White House initiatives, what national notification law would mean for the states, reasonable safeguards and encryption requirements, recent state settlement and enforcement trends, and much more.

Khalil will also co-present the session, “Privacy & Security 101,” which will discuss technology, key laws and regulations, how various states define breach and notice requirements, practical guidance on dealing with so many different sets of laws, notice requirements, and statues on what constitutes data breach.

For more information about the event, click here.