State Department Announces Delays in Passport and Visa Processing Caused by Technical Problems with Computer Systems

June 17, 2015

Due to technical issues, all U.S. Embassies and Consulates are temporarily unable to issue visas approved after June 8, 2015, or process visa applications submitted on or after June 9, 2015. Passport applications accepted overseas between May 25, 2015, and June 14, 2015, are also affected, though they are now being issued. 

The visa processing delays are being experienced worldwide and apply to both non-immigrant and immigrant visas. As a result, individuals who have been approved for visas are having to wait longer than expected for their visas to be issued. Visa applicants who submitted their applications on or after June 9 are being asked by many Embassies and Consulates to reschedule their appointments. 

Visa applicants with upcoming appointments should check with the particular Embassy or Consulate where they will be applying to verify whether they should attend their appointments plan ahead for possible delays in visa scheduling and issuance. There is no estimated timeline for when the issue will be resolved, but the State Department is actively working to resolve the technical issues causing the delays.

The Department of State’s announcement is available here, and many Embassies and Consulates are posting updates to their websites as well.

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