CMBS Special Topics: Lender Rights, Remedies, and Recourse, Mortgage Bankers Association

December 2, 2020

Ed Weil and Mark Silverman, Chicago-based co-leaders of Dykema’s Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Special Servicer Group, will serve as featured speakers at the Mortgage Bankers Association webinar, “CMBS Special Topics: Lender Rights, Remedies, and Recourse,” on December 2, 2020.

This webinar will be an informative and entertaining presentation on CMBS special topics as well as how the topics have been impacted by the pandemic and current state of the economy. Discussion points include:

  • Recourse Triggers—can we pursue the guarantors?
  • Creative Workout Options Post-Default—is it even (de)feasible?
  • Alternatives to Sheriff’s Sales—how can the SPE stay off title?
  • Cash Management—can we control the rents and how?
  • Hospitality and Retail and the Future of Office.

To view the on-demand presentation, click here.