Virtual Privacy Officer (VPO)

Customized counsel on global data privacy and protection with 24/7 guidance available to your organization.

Dykema’s Virtual Privacy Officer (VPO) enables your organization to manage both efficiently and effectively your privacy, regulatory and compliance obligations in one streamlined program. Having the most up-to-date guidance, direction and tools embedded in your Dykema VPO enables your organization to move forward with your day-to-day business; knowing that you have access 24/7 to the best tools and resources in today’s market to move your business forward confidently. When critical privacy and/or security matters and questions arise, as they often do in today’s fast-moving markets, Dykema’s VPO is the privacy and cybersecurity expert you can rely on to arrive at the best resolution possible for your organization.

  Dykema’s VPO allows organizations to focus on day-to-day business knowing that solutions to privacy and cybersecurity questions are easily accessible if/when an issue may arise.

Dykema’s data privacy and cybersecurity attorneys are available 24/7 to assist clients in the aftermath of a security incident. We also help clients mitigate and contain regulatory and litigation exposure, as well as cyber risk. We understand that responsiveness and customer service are critical to your business, just as they are critical to ours.

We offer:

  • Tiered pricing options customizable to your organization’s needs
  • Point-of-contact for internal client legal and business stakeholders on privacy issues
  • Intake, coordination and response to data subject rights requests (e.g., deletion, access, opt-out of sale, etc.)
  • Drafting of, and advising on, language for:
    • Internal privacy policies and procedures including data retention, data minimization and incident response
    • Vendor service agreements and data protection agreements
    • Customer service agreements and data protection agreements
    • Public facing privacy notices
    • Employee, job applicant and independent contractor privacy notices
    • Business relationship privacy notices
  • Advising client information security team regarding application and scope of applicable cybersecurity laws
  • Directing and coordinating privacy and security related regulatory filings
  • Developing and conducting privacy employee and independent contractor training
  • Internal data and security breach management and coaching
  • Coordinating with external vendors to accomplish data mapping, implementation of privacy software products (e.g., OneTrust) and address security incidents
  • Coordinating with Dykema firm resources to develop:
    • Applicable laws analysis
    • 50-state/international law surveys
    • Large-scale vendor and customer contract review and mapping
    • Ongoing and continuous regulatory action analysis
  • Acting as Client representative in external discussions with vendors, customers and regulators on privacy and security issues