Blockin’ & Tacklin’: Discussing the Fundamentals to Complex Employment Issues



The more things change, the more they stay the same. The recent wave of media coverage regarding acts of sexual harassment by individuals in high-profile positions shows that employment problems that have been around for years not only continue, but are increasing and becoming more convoluted. The same may be said for wage and hour issues, which arise from a statute that was passed in 1938. Much of the difficulty in handling these legal conundrums is the shifting regulations and interpretations of the laws by the government, the enforcing agencies and the court system. Remember when the Department of Labor was going to raise the guaranteed minimum salary of exempt employees to $455.00 per week? As you know, that did not happen, but there is still talk of change. Similarly, the National Labor Relations Board, under the previous administration, took a historically aggressive approach in attacking employer workplace policies in largely non-unionized workplaces. Recently, under a different administration, the NLRB has changed its positions on many issues. Another fundamental discrimination concept undergoing change is gender discrimination, as some courts are adopting the view that treating employees differently based on sexual orientation or not allowing someone to use a certain locker room due to gender identity now constitutes gender discrimination.  Have any of you reconsidered the use of or edited currently used arbitration policies? These were introduced decades ago, but the Supreme Court recently ruled that waiving class and collective actions are lawful in these agreements. Of course, many of the common employment issues will continue to be impacted by new technology, such as social media, providing avenues for greater communication and public exposure. By the way, did you see what the President tweeted yesterday?  This workshop will be a moderated discussion that will explore these emerging topics and present practical guidance as to how to handle these issues.

Topics to be covered in this workshop include:

  • LGBTQIA – What is Protected?  
  • Workplace Rules by the National Labor Relations Board – What is the Status? 
  • Using Arbitration Policies in Employment Disputes
  • Developments Regarding Leaves of Absence under the FMLA and ADA
  • Texas has a Biometric Data Statute Affecting Employers
  • Telecommuting as a Reasonable Accommodation and Other Accommodation Issues
  • Can Anything be Learned from Starbucks?
  • Tax Issues Relating to Sexual Harassment Settlements
  • FLSA Changes and Issues

Speakers: Ramon D. Bissmeyer, Member, Dykema Cox Smith; Daniel R. Stern, Member, Dykema Cox Smith; Rea K. Ferandez, Senior Attorney, Dykema Cox Smith

Friday, August 3, 2018
Two session times offered: 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Breakfast/Lunch served 30 minutes prior to beginning of presentation

Dykema Cox Smith
Weston Centre
112 E. Pecan Street, Suite 1800
San Antonio, TX 78205

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